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All pricing inclusive 10% Indonesia Government Tax



  1. Customers may pay by cash, debit or credit card, internet transfer or bank wire transfer.
  2. Banking & Internet deposits can take up to 72hrs to reach our account. Bali Heli is not responsible for any bank charges.
  3. Note: Full payment must be completed prior to flight.
  4. There is a 3% surcharge for credit/debit card payment.
  5. For payment with Credit card we accept: AMEX, VISA and MasterCard.


  • Pilot in command shall have the final authority on whether or not any flight shall be undertaken, the weather condition, the suitability of landing and take-off areas, the loading of the aircraft, the carriage of Passengers if they are behaving in an odd or offensive manner and all other factors which in their opinion affect flight safety. PASSENGERS shall accept all such decisions as final. The pilot may order the Aircraft grounded if, in his/her opinion the aircraft is not in a condition to fly,
    the weather is not suitable for flying, or for other reasons of safety the flight should not proceed.
  • The call on weather is at the absolute discretion of Bali Heli pilot. Bali Heli does not fly in heavy rain/ poor visibility or when thunderstorms are in the area of flight.
  • In the event of unsuitable weather on the day of the passenger’s flight exist (with no signs of improvement forecast), the flight may be re-scheduled at a time that is mutually convenient. If the passengers is unable to fly at any other time (i.e. the passenger is leaving the next day), then no fees are payable by the passenger.
  • Payload limitation & maximum number of passengers is non-negotiable. Flight is not allowed to operate if the payload is exceeding the maximum capacity. A total payload  limitation applies for total passengers and luggage.
  • No smoking or consumption of alcohol is allowed on board the helicopter.
  • Bali Heli reserves the right to deny boarding or refuse the carriage of any person and reserve the right to back to heliport if the condition present an actual or potential safety hazard or risk (including but not limited to impairment and intoxication from alcohol or drugs) to our passengers, crew, staff or property.